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Pipkin is a very small penguin who is always asking big questions. Join him on his quest to find out where babies come from, and meet some very sweet baby animals along the way. When Pipkin’s baby sister hatches, he finds out that baby penguins come from eggs. Setting out to discover where other babies come from, he encounters a whale, turtles and a little boy, before hurrying home to tell his baby sister everything he knows. Beautiful soft watercolour illustrations and charming animal characters will make this a firm favourite. Includes a pull-out poster in an envelope at the back – a lovely surprise for young readers with extra facts and animals to discover.

There is a giant poster in an envelope at the back of the book, with pictures of all kinds of animals with their babies, and extra information. This is the very first investigation into where babies come from, introducing lots of different animal babies and how they are born or hatch, rather than dealing with details of reproduction. It features beautiful soft watercolour illustrations with charming animal characters.

  • Hardcover (padded)
  • 28 pgs
  • 260 x 260
  • Publisher Usborne