Tuck Me In Collection

A stunning collection of 10 perfect bedtime reads.  Snuggle up for stories full of love and reassurance which delight youngsters and make bedtime a special time for children.

  • Softcover
  • 32 pages ea
  • 24 x 23 cm approx
  • Age 2+

Books in collection:

Goodnight Tiptoe by Polly Dunbar

"I'm not sleepy," says Tiptoe while Tilly gives him his goodnight kiss. Boom! Boom! Boom! goes Tiptoe's drum while Tilly sings him a goodnight lullaby. Will a bedtime story do the trick and send Tiptoe off to sleep? Ah, yes... Now Tilly must get ready for bed herself. If only there were someone to tuck her in... But wait! Tiptoe is still awake ... and he's come to tuck Tilly in and give her a goodnight kiss!

Ten In The Bed by Penny Dale

A warm, funny and much-loved take on the bouncy bedtime rhyme of 'Ten in the Bed'. With ten in the bed, it's a bit of a squeeze! Roll over, roll over! But the little one gets cold all alone, and soon all ten are snuggled up and fast asleep. Children will love reading this famous rhyme and shouting out the crashthud and bump noises – bedtime has never been such fun!

Cowboy Baby by Sue Heap

It’s bedtime in the Wild West – but Cowboy Baby isn't sleepy...

Sheriff Pa says it's bedtime. But Cowboy Baby won't go to bed without his toys, Texas Ted, Denver Dog and Hank the Horse. No sirree! But Sheriff Pa is on their trail and he's got a special surprise for Cowboy Baby.

Kiss Good Night, Sam by Amy Hest

It was a dark and stormy night in Plum Street.  In the little white house Mrs Bear was putting Sam to bed, "Ready now, Sam?" she asked.  "Oh no," said Sam, "I'm waiting."  What can he be waiting for?

Sleepy Places

When you're yawning and nodding and flopping, and ready to fall in a heap, where do YOU choose for a nap or a snooze - where is YOUR favourite place to sleep? A beautiful sleepy story of where animals, sea life and children like to sleep.

I Dare You Not To Yawn by Helene Boudreau

Yawns are like colds. They spread! A hilarious — and infectious — cautionary tale that is so much fun, readers will beg for it again and again, whatever the consequences.

  • A bedtime story parading as an anti-bedtime story, or anti-bedtime story morphing into a bedtime story - take your pick!
  • Capitalizes on the peculiarly infectious and inherently hilarious act of yawning.

Good Night Like This by Mary Murphy

The perfect bedtime read, snuggle down with this adorable new book from Mary Murphy, creator of A Kiss Like This and Say Hello Like This, as she invites you into lots of different little snorey, twitchy, cuddly animals’ homes as they get ready to go to sleep. With a beautiful sleepy action on every split-page, a lulling, rhythmical text and a cast of cute animal families, this book is sure to emit lots of oooh, aaaahs and … zzzzzz.

On The Night of The Shooting Star by Amy Hest

A charming picture book about loneliness and making friends from a bestselling author and illustrator.

Bunny and Dog live on opposite sides of the fence. No one says hello. Or hi. But on the night of the shooting star, two doors open... From bestselling author Amy Hest and illustrator Jenni Desmond comes a charming picture book about loneliness and making friends.

Dinosaurs Don't Have Bedtimes!

Everyone has to brush their teeth, wash their hair and go to bed sometime – even dinosaurs!

From the author of Soon comes a raucous bedtime read-aloud – brimming with dinosaurs! Mum is trying to get her rather lively dino-obsessed child ready for bed, but this little boy won’t go easy … he’s got a dinosaur-themed comeback (and a ROARY action) for everything! Dinosaurs don't have to eat all their dinner, wash their hair or brush their teeth ... so why should he? And as bedtime beckons, the little boy gets more and more lost in his imaginative world… Will mum ever get him to close his eyes? With exuberant, hilarious dinosaur art from shining illustration talent, Nikki Dyson, this is the perfect story for children with wild imaginations (who refuse to go to sleep!).

Polly's Pink Pyjamas



A pyjama-loving Polly is in for a surprise as she scrambles to find the right party outfit in this sweet, child-friendly tale.  Polly adores her pink pyjamas. She wears them all day long! But of course she can't wear them to Fred's party, so all her friends lend her something of theirs. ...

Tuck Me In Collection