Bruno and Titch - A Tale Of A Boy And His Guinea Pig

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Meet Bruno, a wildly inventive boy, and his new pet, Titch, a neurotic, slightly melodramatic guinea pig. Can they get past their differences?

In this tale of a boy and his guinea pig, author-illustrator Sheena Dempsey offers a contemporary and comical take on new pets and new friends. As the only guinea pig left in Mrs Pinkerley’s pet shop, Titch is getting lonely and anxious. All he wants is his very own Big Person. Then one day fate collides – a boy named Bruno comes into the shop looking for the perfect pet... Their eyes meet, and – HOORAY! – Titch has a home at last! There’s just one problem: Bruno loves to play and invent wild games and make big messes (and eat sticky pancakes). As for Titch, well, he prefers the quiet life – a nice nap, a plate of salad leaves. Will they find a way to make their friendship work, or will Titch end up back where he started, in the pet shop?

Perfect for pet-lovers (and especially guinea pig lovers) everywhere, this funny story of finding a home and a "person" to care for him is told from the guinea pig's humorous perspective.

  • Softcover 32 pages
  • 215 x 245 cm
  • Publisher Walker Books
  • Age 3+

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