Trees are for climbing, swings are for flying and puddles are definitely for jumping!

Two little girls skip, swing, jump, climb, hop, bounce, twirl, wriggle and laugh through their day in this delightful celebration of children's play.

Kylie Dunstan's lively, vibrant collage illustrations perfectly capture the excitement and joy of children discovering the pleasures of their everyday world, with all its adventures and fun.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: 'Puddles Are for Jumping' tells the story of a mother and two children taking a 'walk' to the park and shops. Each step of the journey shows how joy can be extracted from even the simplest and most mundane of activities by looking at them from a child's perspective. The illustrations were created by hand using cut-paper collage. My illustrations use strong graphic statements and bold colour to complement the simplicity of the text and combine the skills gathered from each of my previous books allowing me to communicate the story more effectively, artistically and textually.